Long term barrier against mold
for commercial use


Our revolutionary product is specially formulated to meet the most demanding requirements and provides an effective solution to mold infestation. With natural ingredients and easy application, NOMO Professional is the perfect choice to successfully control mold and protect against new development in a wide variety of commercial environments.


A common problem within the food industry

Mold can grow in the food industry due to moisture and organic materials such as food. Especially in areas where food is processed or stored, a mold problem is a health risk and can lead to production losses.

Air conduction systems

The collision of stored humidity on cold air leads to the formation of condensation. The accumulation of condensation at the bottom of air conduction systems and the encounter there with microscopic pollen serves as a breeding ground for uncontrolled mold growth.

Air conditioning units

Water deposits and the associated food source for mold growth are also not uncommon in air conditioning units. Furthermore, air circulation and the resulting distribution of spores throughout the living/working space provides a basis for further mold growth.

Cooling units

Contamination as well as condensation in and on components of cooling devices are also a breeding ground for mold growth. In particular, areas that cannot be seen are often infested with mold.


Stables are rich in nutrients for mold because organic material such as straw, feed scraps, and animal feces, combined with moisture and darkness, provide an ideal environment for mold growth.


Ships are susceptible to mold growth due to humidity, inadequate ventilation and high temperatures, affecting a vessel’s durability and safety.


Trucks and car trailers are susceptible to mold growth due to moisture and inadequate ventilation, as condensation can form on the walls and ceiling, which, when combined with organic materials such as wood, cardboard or food, creates an ideal environment for mold.

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