Avoid mold infestation during house insulation

With skyrocketing electricity prices, many people choose to additionally insulate or replace the traditional wood chip insulation with a thick layer of cellulose insulation in their houses. All in the pursuit of lowering energy consumption and thus also the electricity bill. 


But if the work is not done correctly and, above all, after an inspection you fail to prevent mold growth, it can end badly. Mold and rot that are trapped under a layer of insulation can in the worst-case scenario cause the roof to rot and you risk having to replace the entire roof, which can be an expensive story. 


Mold Guard manufactures the only mold agent, NOMO Professional, that not only removes existing mold but also prevents mold growth for a long time to come, usually several years. 


NOMO Professional is a completely organic agent, completely harmless to humans and animals, and is 100% biodegradable. By applying NOMO Professional, a hydrophobic barrier is created and prevents moisture from entering the surface, and thereby stopping mold growth. 


Contact us if you want to know more about NOMO Professional and how it can prevent mold growth in house insulation.