Protect your house facade against mold infestation

Whether your house is a private residence or a commercial property, the facade is not only something that should be nice to look at, but it is also the outermost shell that protects the walls and frame of the house from rot and mold growth. 


In order to preserve the beautiful appearance that you have chosen for your facade, and above all protect it from mold, algae and fungus, it is important to treat it correctly. 


NOMO Professional is a completely organic and 100% degradable mold agent that prevents the growth of mold, algae and fungus for a long time, regardless of what material the facade consists of. The natural composition is completely free of chemicals and therefore harmless to humans, animals and nature. 


By applying NOMO Professional to your facade, a hydrophobic surface is created that prevents the nutrition to the mold spores and thus stops mold from growing. Also remember to treat your windows and doors, which are the facade’s most sensitive areas when it comes to moisture. 


Contact us if you want to know more about NOMO Professional and how it can prevent mold growth on your house facade.