Protect your house from mold

Avis Building Technologies is the house supplier that, with its environmentally friendly and energy-preserving modular system, builds sustainable and cost effective low-energy houses. They use a unique technology and materials that has very good insulation ability, and high moisture resistance, which means that it resists cold, wind, moisture and mold in an unbeatable way.

To further create a long-acting barrier against mold growth in the houses and in application areas such as roofs, facade, railings, fences, poles and stairs, Avis Building Technologies uses NOMO Professional from Mold Guard.

Our unique product NOMO Professional, which is a completely organic and 100% degradable mold agent, prevents the growth of mold, algae and fungus for a long time. The natural composition is completely free of chemicals and therefore harmless to humans, animals and nature.

If you want to know more about the use of NOMO Professional for house construction and how it can prevent mold growth, you are welcome to contact us.

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